RetroPi - turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming console

The RetroPi combines both the Retrode2 and Raspberry Pi into one case, transforming it into a compact retro video game console and entertainment center.

The result is an open source games console which you can also use as a media center, for linux games and even for browsing the internet and general computing.

The RetroPi reads games right off your original cartridges, so you can either play them right away or save your collection onto an SD card so you can keep your originals pristine.

A clever design means you can access all of the ports on the Raspberry Pi, plus the SD card slot, and even externally access the Retrode2 USB port.

This is done by exposing all these ports at the back, but hiding them under a small corner roof. This means it looks great beneath your TV but still lets you do everything you can do with a normal Pi!

Power is supplied to the Pi and Retrode 2 via a single Micro USB connector, the Retrode 2 is connected to the Pi via a short USB cable hidden under the roof.

Classic Cartridge Support

The RetroPi supports SNES/Megadrive controllers, and reads catridges from these platforms right out of the box:

And with the use of plug-in adaptors, you can add support for:

More plugins are currently in development.


The Retrode 2 lets you play your classic gaming favourites, right off their original cartridges.

Originally created by Matthias Hullin and now under licensed production by us, the Retrode hooks right up to your Pi or PC via a USB port and lets you load your classic cartridges right into an emulator.

It also includes SNES and Megadrive controller ports onboard, so you can use your original controllers for that authentic retro experience.

You can already buy the Retrode 2 from our shop.


The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized PC that you can use for almost anything.

Everything the Retrode 2 supports, the Pi does too, from SNES and Megadrive right up to N64.

Conceieved by Eben Upton to help teach the world about computers, the Raspberry Pi - a low cost, single board computer - has proven to be a powerful and capable emulation platform.

This is mostly thanks to the excellent RetroPie OS, which consolidates a host of emulators and classic game ports into a single graphical launcher that doesn't require a keyboard and mouse.

Everything the Retrode 2 supports, the Pi does too, from SNES and Megadrive right up to N64.

The Raspberry Pi ( Pi 2 recommended ) includes:


Who are we?

Michael Mrozek, the one behind the RetroPi is a retro and indie Hard- and Software-Fan himself.
He's been running the DragonBox Shop for ten years now, offering hardware that's hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

He's probably best know as part of the OpenPandora Team and has maintained a reliable Pandora production in Germany since 2013. The successor, the DragonBox Pyra is entering mass production soon as well.


In Summary

The Pi and Retrode 2 combine to create a flexible games console and entertainment center

The RetroPi case means that both the Pi and Retrode 2 are combined into one tidy form factor that looks great under your TV but doesn't compromise on functionality.